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Yomi's Anatomy Charts- v1 Skeletal System

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Feb 3, 2015
by Christopher Park
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Yomi's Anatomy Charts- v1 Skeletal System

by by Christopher Park

What do you do with Yomi's Anatomy Charts ? Reference and identify the skeletal system bony landmarks, prominences, ligaments, joints, tendons, some muscle insertions, vertebrae, and etc.

Choose different areas of the skeletal system you wish to view. Labels are provided to identify these areas on the image. Drag the image on your handheld screen with the stylus to view all regions of the skeletal system.

The zoom in feature allows you to view detailed structures and the zoom out feature allows you to view larger areas. No longer do you have to refer to a chart or a textbook to reference anatomy images.

Yomi's pocket anatomy was developed so that anatomy images can be referenced anywhere at anytime on your handheld device. The following are the features of Yomi's Pocket Anatomy Skeletal System The easy to use interface has just the right amount of graphical animation to help you navigate through the program without much difficulty.

An interactive feature on the program allows you to drag the image across your handheld screen using the stylus to view different regions of the image.

You can zoom in on an image to view detailed areas or zoom out to view the entire image. All structures of the skeletal system are labeled in easy to read fonts made for pocket pc screens.

A help screen is provided to assist in understanding navigational controls. An x box is placed at the top right corner of the screen. Tap the x box once to exit out of the program.

The program closes and doesn't stack on other programs that are running on your pocket pc.



OS requirements for Yomi's Anatomy Charts- v1 Skeletal System:

  • Windows XP,Windows Vista
  • Download Yomi's Anatomy Charts- v1 Skeletal System

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