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iTextSharp 5.5.5

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Feb 17, 2015
Bruno Lowagie
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iTextSharp 5.5.5

by Bruno Lowagie

iTextSharp is a practical, effective and reliable .NET PDF library that comes in handy for users who need to create, inspect and maintain documents from XML files.

Adopting a straightforward approach, iTextSharp aims to generate documents and reports based on data from a XML file or database.

Being designed for iText, this library is worth having when you need to quickly create maps and books, add page numbers and bookmarks or other features available in PDF.

It enables Java developers who need to enhance web and other applications with dynamic PDF formatting and options. Simply add the libraries inside your application's development workspace and start using the available classes.

Using high-level objects such as Phrase, Paragraph or List, iTextSharp manages to create PDF documents by writing code or by using either an AcroForm technology or an XML Forms Architecture (known also as XFA).

Also, the library provides you with various tools that enable you to create documents as archivable and accessible PDFs, but this involves a better knowledge when referring to programming scripts and a more detailed structure and metadata.

What’s more, when using iTextSharp you can even use API Google Font when writing your scripts. By simply adding the FontFactory and BaseFont arguments inside your code, you can manage to use this font inside your project.

As far as the security aspect is concerned, iTextSharp provides you with the possibility of protecting your documents by encrypting them using passwords or certificates, but that depends on the level of security you want to reach. Still, by specifying the right credentials, you can also decrypt all the secured PDF documents.

To sum things up, iTextSharp is a reliable library, used mostly by Java developers who need to create PDF documents and manipulate them through a web browser, as well as to split or concatenate pages from existing PDF files.


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