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GOG Galaxy

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Sep 9, 2015
Alex Beech (@dofuss)
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GOG Galaxy

by Alex Beech (@dofuss)

GOG Galaxy is's download client. It allows you to purchase and download the store's selection of classic game and new releases, all DRM free. It is still in beta, and there is room to improve, but it is a convenient and well-designed storefront.

You're not DRMing

If you enjoy gaming on Windows, Mac, or Linux and have never been to GOG, I recommend paying it a visit. Originally known as Good Old Games, the store has remained true to its core values throughout its growth – classic games that run on modern machines all DRM free. It also promises a money-back guarantee if you purchase is incompatible and competitive pricing that is fairly converted between currencies.

As the service has expanded, so too has its catalogue. While the bulk of its releases are classic games of the past, it does also host a number of modern indie and big release titles, most notably The Witcher 3.

Once downloaded and installed Galaxy works similarly to Valve's Steam platform. From the interface you can access all of your games and the store - complete with its regular sales.

These should be in a museum

Galaxy has a clean white look, which feels less cluttered than the competition. There is even the option to view games on virtual shelves in their original packaging – further highlighting the stores dedication to faithful delivering you the game you once loved.

Galaxy also supports multiplayer, chat, and has even added achievements to many classic titles that can be tracked from the app.

While using the Galaxy is straightforward to use, we did discover a few issues. Most of these were just a matter of getting used to new interface – however selecting a drive for our games to proved more complicated than the competition. Rather than asking where you want to install a selected title, a default drive must be selected for all titles. Possible not an issue for some, but if you are juggling multiple drives it can be less than ideal.

Worth GO Getting

GOG is a great store that offers a different game selection and focus to its competition. And Galaxy is a great client for it - retaining the stores classic game sensibilities by offering beautifully recreated digital packaging and a money back promise. You owe it to yourself to give it a try, if only to ensure that the downloadable marketplace remains competitive and fair.



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